Barack Obama HIPSTORY

by Amit Shimoni

Posters/Print| 29 in stock|70 x 70 cm

HIPSTORY by Amit Shimoni

Barack Obama HIPSTORY


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Amit Shimoni

Amit Shimoni

Who are you Amit Shimoni?

I always loved art, I used to draw on my bedroom walls as a teenager. During my military service (age 18-21) I started painting abstract art expressing my accumulating emotions of that chapter of my life. After my military service, while backpacking Northern India for a few months I finally acknowledged the purpose of my life-create art.

Shimoni is the founder and operator of his design studio, Amit Shimoni Illustration, based in Tel Aviv where he happily lives with his wife Noga and their adorable dog Adam. Among the studio's projects Shimoni worked with top brands in Israel and around the world including the New York Times and illustrating a cover for the New York Observer. Shimoni received over 300 media coverage worldwide including leading magazines, newspapers and TV Shows like The Guardian, The German Stern, Wired magazine, Vice, Entertainment weekly and Comedy Central.

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