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Majestic Splendor

by Rick Seguso

Oil on canvas museum wrapped on 1.5 inch stretchers and stapled on the back. Without frame.A scenic painting of Mont Blanc with a fantasy foreground. That's me in the painting involved working on the same scene the viewer is looking at - only without the viewers foreground perspective.

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Rick Seguso

Rick Seguso

Equine art, floral, landscapes and portraits are a big part of Seguso’s work but at the heart of Seguso’s eclectic subject matter are his moody and evocative portraits of musicians. With confident and authoritative brushwork, special emphasis is placed on each character’s distinct and individual nature, capturing these images in bold and realistic paintings.Inspired and influenced by the Old Masters and Post-Impressionists, Seguso’s technique is under-painting in grisaille, and most of his works include varying degrees of glazing, “a technique, often overlooked by modern day artists but an invaluable tool in creating jewel=like depth and style that is impossible to achieve by just mixing paint”, Seguso says.Seguso’s colorful past includes working for legendary rocker Bruce Springsteen as his Road Manager and confidant in the mid 1970’s. He played a pivotal role in the musician’s rise to stardom. Seguso also has also released 2 CD's of original music.

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