Bede Robinson

Bede Robinson

Sheffield, United Kingdom


Originally from Consett, County Durham, Robinson is an Artist working across painting, printmaking and moving image.

His work concerns the appropriation of folk histories and the adaption of relict found imagery from the medieval through the renaissance to the present, referencing yjemes such as internet cultures with ritual practices and contemporary consumer culture in a neo-feudal age.

He predominantly works in monochrome, juxtaposing image and text in a jarring subversive way to create works that often carry an eery and uncanny atmosphere to them, despite initially hiding behind a facade of innocence, playing with taboo with irreverent black humour .

He works as an artist assistant to his mentor the british Artist Paul Morrison (b.1966 Liverpool) who is world reknowned for his large scale cognitive landscape paintings (b. 1966) and is based in Sheffield, UK.

Find him on instagram @bederobinsonstudio

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