Spain, Spain

Born and raised in the south of Spain, Malaga. Half English/half Belgian. I am finishing my degree in Graphic Design at Marbella Design Academy in a traditional Spanish village hidden in the beautiful mountains called Monda.

I've had a love for art since forever ago. I started with doodling in my school books instead of studying and drawing on the back of restaurant menus when I was meant to be polishing glasses and serving tables! Growing up with ADHD left me with not much confidence as I found it hard to complete ANY task. Eventually I found a cure for this on my travels which helped me suddenly concentrate and complete my artwork. WOAH!

I started developing my skills and believing in myself and started selling my artwork! I have not stopped since. I'd say I am my happiest when I am creating and seeing my art on people's walls. I am inspired daily - whether it's someone I've seen sipping on coffee or heard someone's daft voice on the news. But mostly, when I have fallen in love.

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