Thomas Dambo is a Danish artist who sculpted six wood giants, but if you want to admire his work, you will have to go for a treasure hunt !

An ecologic project

This project is a way for the artist to make people aware about ecology, and particularly about recycling. Indeed, those giants are made with recycled wood, that Thomas Dambo got from old palets, an old wooden shed, and anything else that could be used a second time.

"I hope my art will inspire people to see the big potential in recycling and taking better care of our planet." 

Sculpted with the help of local volunteers

Moreover, the artist appealed to volunteers' generosity to set up those giants. By the way, the names of the sculptures have been chosen by the volunteers themselves ! This project is full of sense and inspiring; this original way of raising the notion of ecology make us want to go fing those giants !

Thomas On The Mountain

Oscar Under The Bridge

Hilltrop Trine

Sleeping Louis

Teddy Friendly

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