As an artist, you might have many sources of inspiration. Let people know more about it and show them the different elements that are the source of your creativity. It can be about your favourite artists, or about books that pleases you. You can also share the different websites that you find interesting in your researches.

Let the customer know about you

You have to let the customer know more about you and more precisely, your personality; what are your favourite movies? Your favourite music? Your preferred art period? Who are your heroes? etc. Your passions don’t have to be precious or even cultural, you just have to be honest with the customer. For example, Nelson Molena opened up a museum in New York about things he found in trash cans that inspired him and that he found interesting (to the trash museum in New York). The point of it is not to pass yourself as a genius with great taste, but to show your personality. 

The influence on your artwork

Your inspirations will tell people much more about you, than just a finished artwork, because people are so curious about discovering others' personalities. The more personal it is, the more they will be curious about you and your work. That is why you have to be honest and show your real inspirations and your real personality. If you don’t, there is no interest!

Explain your inspirations to become inspiring

You can also explain why you are attracted by something; why does it make sense to you? Where did you find it? What influence it has on your creations? Etc. You have to tell people where you get those curiosities, to credit your inspirations (by hyperlinks on internet for example) and tell people where they can find other stuff like this.

This “cabinet of curiosities” can also be an artwork, if you organize it as an exhibition for example.

Kirstine Krogslund

Kirstine Krogslund

Intern at Artboost as Content Creator and also a big fan of art with lots of colors :-)


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