The infamous Danish artist Kristian Von Hornsleth is used to shock and provoke his audience with his provocative art projects. This time is no different. 

For his latest project, he bought 10 homeless people from the streets of London, and then sold them as artworks. The homeless are fitted with smartphones and tracking devices so the buyers can follow their every move through an exclusive app. Each owner will as well get a gold plated portrait of their purchased homeless. His project is called Hornsleth Homeless Tracker.


The motive behind this art project comes from his fascination with how we are able to do so many great things, such as sending people to the moon, as well as we live in such rich countries, but we are not able to get people off the streets. 

So one of the main purposes of this project is to turn our world upside down in a way, and make the underdogs into stars. Von Hornsleth want to give them a voice, a presence, and give the homeless an opportunity to tell their unique story, as they have been through so much we can’t even begin to imagine. 

On the project's website, prices for these portraits and exclusive tracking access ranges from £24,989 and upwards and so far have two of the homeless people been sold. 

See more from the project here. Or explore von Hornsleth's Artboost collection here.  



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