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August 2018

If you are interested about Danish and French culture, you should definitely go to the Glyptoteket and discover the artists who marked their era.

The Glyptoteket is one of the most famous museum of Copenhagen. Indeed, the architecture and the layout of the monument is impressive.

The museum is composed of an amazing conservatory, and just next to it a restaurant, and very interesting and diverse collections. 

From the roots of the Antiquity ...

The museum is interested in many periods in the story of art : you can discover Greek, Egyptian, and Roman Antiquity, which takes part of the permanent collections, across sculptures, sarcophagus, and paintings. The surroundings are pretty adapted to the theme of the collection, and then guests feel set back for years. 


... To the end of the SIXth century

For those who are not particularly interested in the Antiquity era, other rooms will please you more; at the last floor, you will find bronze sculptures from Edgar Degas. That is pretty rare and available in a very few museums. Concerning other sculptures, there are many romantic ones particularly made by french artists (for example Carpeaux who made amazing sculptures, representing people smiling, and Rodin's artworks are numerous). 


French artists are well represented in this museum, in the post-impressionism room also with Cezanne, Monet, Pissaro, etc.). Moreover, the artwork's plates are pretty clear, and the guests learn interesting things concerning the story of the artwork, and the period of their creation.

Finally, you can also find Danish artworks from the “Danish Golden Age” in the SIXth century. Sculptures and paintings are exhibited and represents this flourishing period for Danish artists. 

If you are more interested in contemporary art, you should click here to read our article about Arken Museum !

Christel Hansen

Christel Hansen

My name is Christel, I'm Danish, currently living in Copenhagen. I'm working as the CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) in Artboost, and I'm a creative individual as well.

I like to draw but most of my creativities are digital made in Adobe Creative Suit's programmes.

Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions regarding my prints - or in regards to Artboost in generel :)


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