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'Art' by Yasmina Reza

December 2018

That theatre company presents 'Art'

From 20 Feb - 23 Mar you can experience the wildly funny dark comedy about friendships and the art world at Krudtønden in Copenhagen when that theatre company puts on the modern comedy classic.

Oh yeah, and if you buy the tickets mentioning Artboost you get them for 145 kr. instead of the normal price of 165 kr.

"How would you feel about your best friend if he or she suddenly did something colossally stupid? It happens in this Tony Award-winning dark comedy that focuses on the meaning of friendship. When Serge buys an apparently pure white canvas by a fashionable artist for a lot of money his old mate, Marc, thinks it’s a piece of pretentious rubbish. Yves, their mutual friend, tries to reconcile but only succeeds in antagonizing both of them. Art raises one of drama’s eternal questions: how much truth and honesty can human beings stand? In a surprising and funny way, it brings into play issues of friendship, loyalty and the difficulty and value of telling the truth."

“A comedy classic” – The Times

“Wildly funny, naughtily provocative” – New York Post

“A marriage of Moliere and Woody Allen” - Newsweek

If you're interested in buying tickets, when send an email to mentioning Artboost to get your discounted tickets.

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