Discover this new concept by Lukas Renlund of experiencing a "virtual exhibition".

"For my most recent exhibition "An Exploration of Tomorrows Billboards"  I jumped into the deep end again. I asked myself the question: “How can I exhibit my moving images - motion photography - in a physical space?"

An innovative exhibition

An Exploration of Tomorrows Billboards is a pretty strange exhibition which has been created by Lukas Renlund, who decided to get round the traditional concept of an exhibition, and to offer an alternative. Indeed, when the guests come into the gallery, they face white walls and can only discover the virtual artworks on their phone by downloading the app “MoPho”.

The Scandinavian artist offers the public a very realistic vision of the current world; he mixes the virtual and the real world, as people do by interacting in real life and also via digital technology.

A faithful representation of our society

Renlund is a witness of our society and his art is very close and representative of our everyday life. Even if you don't like the artworks exhibited, this is a good way to notice the extent of the digital today and to the point of art, to position yourself and to have an opinion about this situation.

If you want to know more about this artist, you can visit his artboost profile right here.

Christel Hansen

Christel Hansen

My name is Christel, I'm Danish, currently living in Copenhagen. I'm working as the CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) in Artboost, and I'm a creative individual as well. I like to draw but most of my creativities are digital made in Adobe Creative Suit's programmes. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions regarding my prints - or in regards to Artboost in generel :)


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