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April 2021

You might be an amazing artist, without a bit of promotion it will be hard to reach a broad audience. All the hard work and dedication put in your work is certainly inspiring but won’t help to introduce yourself in the art-community. Targeting and reaching the right audience is crucial to reaching success. Creating your own network, building a community is important and will also improve your confidence and set the path of your evolution. 

However, don’t rush! Promotion shouldn’t be overwhelming, you can take your time, which will also help you target the proper audience and your current needs. Think about what you want to achieve, set yourself a goal. 

We’ve gathered some tips to help you promote your art effectively: 


Have a strong, set portfolio:

Before starting any kind of promotion, make sure to have an amazing set of work to display, otherwise people will quickly lose interest and look elsewhere. 

A strong portfolio will help you develop your own brand and establish your image in people’s mind, it will attract viewers. Make sure to post your work on your website and social medias, create a gallery (online or physical). It is an easy way to develop your marketing material.
Make sure that you update it with all your work. Old, sold as well as new pieces need to be accessible. It will show how active you are and that you already have a set interested public. Remember, people attract people. 

As an extra point, don’t hesitate to share the story behind every piece: your inspiration, method, when you created it, what kind of mark would you like to leave, … it will involve the viewers on another degree and help share your content. 


Have a strong internet presence:

Social Media are an easy (and necessary) way to reach a broad audience today. Make sure to be active and post regularly on whether instagram, facebook, pinterest or tumblr. You don’t need to be present on all of them, pick the proper ones in relation to your work and needs. Posting a (live-)video of you working is a great way to get reactions and shares as well. 

Online galleries is soon reaching the to-be norm. It is a cheap, quick and efficient way of getting world-accessible and known. Through Artboost you can build-up a community, get personal with your customers, and create a unique experience for everyone. 

Create your Artist page. It is an easy way for art-lovers to find you and your work. Make sure to keep it updated with your latest pieces. Writing Blog posts is also an easy way to generate traffic to your website. Make sure to keep them well-written, informative and helpful. Write about your passions, how you create your pieces, what inspires you, … Keep the public interested but the work always in relation to your world. Keep a newsletter to build an email list and keep people interested and updated about your work. 


Participate to events

Networking is the key-word in here. Participating to artistic events is a good way to make your presence noticed, get feedbacks from the public, new art opportunities etc. It can be many different types of events. Volunteer for an art-organisation, share a project with another artist, do community projects (art-fairs, street shows, open-studio, …) to get known locally. 

The idea is still the same: build a presence, get out, be seen! Network, network, network.

If the idea of getting out there still scares you, participating to a gallery representation might be a good start. Galleries offer services such as press-release, exhibitions, professional guidance, ... which is good if you are intimidated and don’t know where to start.

We hope these few tips could help you! Let us know if you have other methods! :) Remember to stay active at all time. The more you create, the more you get back!


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