I always believe that how you interpret a photograph today might be totally different the next day. Therefore, I
mostly collect a lot of stock photographs, and spend a lot of time looking at those photographs from different
time lines and landscapes.

I prefer not to have a specific agenda or some kind of theme in mind while photographing or working. I believe the fact that there is an unconscious motive on how we all find something enchanting and attractive.
For this reason, I spend some time looking at my own photographs, and trying to figure out what has seemed interesting to me and then it start to become more meaningful. And all of sudden, I have bunch of new works that have something to tell alone or together.

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How did you get interested in art?

I have always had a camera when I was a teenager, and it was fun to photograph whatever seemed interesting. However it was not until the early days of university that I started to have a closer and more serious relationship with photography. I studied art management and later art history, and have been working at a lot of different art projects. On the other hand, I always wanted to make living by creating something more solid, and also by using my hands. Therefore it was a natural shift that I got more focused on photography.

What are you most proud of in your life?

I would prefer to call this “things in my life that I am the most happy about.”. In this perspective, to be able to work with photography professionally is something that I am the most happy about.

What are your sources of inspiration?

Basically anything. Currently my works are heavily based on alteration of nature, however I can find something inspiring even while I am folding laundry, while looking at things in the supermarket, or a glimpse of a shining object on the street. Everyday life is full of inspirational indicators, but what brings them to the surface is how you collect them and how you present them in your own way.

How would you describe your style?

I am neither a landscape photographer, portrait photographer, architectural photographer nor street photographer. I have a little bit of all these in my photographs however, I also experiment and break the visual elements on the things I capture. In this respect, maybe it would be better to call what I do as a photographic image making project rather than only photography. 

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Who are your favourite contemporary artist?

Olafur Elliasson, because he is kind of a magician, and has a great crew working with him.
Alec Soth, Rineke Dijkstra, Arno Rafael Minkkinen, because of their ability to capture the most awkward, ironic, neutral and beautiful moments.

What do you do besides being a contemporary photographer?

I work as a freelance graphic designer on the side. Besides working, I often go fishing, and watch a lot of cooking videos. I also like surfing on Wikipedia before falling asleep.

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