The 8th of March is the occasion to recognise women's talents, look at this amazing work from Felice House!

Fight for your rights

Today is a great day for you, women from the whole world fighting for your rights and erase the inequalities that you encounter with men in our society is an everyday task, and today is the occasion to remain it in everyone's brain. The 8th of March (International Women day) is the perfect day to recognize the importance of women in the society, the improvements that they provided and will provide through the ages, and to think about how we could do better.

Gender inequalities has important social impacts in Europe, particularly in professional life: it is harder for a woman to assert herself and to be considered as important as men. 

Women emancipation in art

It has been so difficult for artist women to have an influence in art story. Indeed, their biography is very short since they have had an influence very recently; the reason is that women artists were not allowed to participate to art education, until the XIXth century when the Academie in Paris allowed women to take part in the lessons. Before the XIXth century, women artist were not so many, and not so famous, except a few one like Elisabeth Vigié-Lebrun who became one of the favorite painter of Versailles (in the 1780s). The final stretch was the two World Wars and the emergence of the feminism, which is still on its way; artist women have now more possibilities to succeed, and we largely encourage them to persevere! 

A feminist artwork

That is why we decided to share the very interesting work of Felice House, which paint movie scenes of cowboys … but replaces those cowboys by cowgirls! 


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