On Sunday the 11th of june 2017 Artboost took you behind the scenes of some of the most amazing Danish artists. If you didn’t make it, this article will give you the insight, of what took place at this inspiring event. Keep on reading, and go behind the scenes of the artwork yourself!

Behind The Scene Of the Artwork

The event “Behind The Scene Of The Artwork” took place on Sunday the 11th of june 2017. Five amazing Danish artists were presenting the background of their work. Some of them also showed us new methods of working for the very first time!

Why behind the scene of the artwork?

A lot of people might look at an artwork and think “this is nice” and then move along to the next one, without thinking more about it. But knowing about the background of the artwork, and how the artist got motivated painting it, has the tendency to make people see the artwork in a totally different way. It could actually make you feel something that you didn’t feel before, and add more value to the artwork for the individual.

Where did the event take place? 

The event took place in Founders House near Islands Brygge in Copenhagen. This venue had a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere, with a cosy setting. The artists had their own little area with stands they decorated themselves. 

"I think the surroundings were very nice, there were cosy corners and more"- Evaluation comment from on of the participant

Who were the artist?

At the event, five Danish artists were presenting the background of, some of their artworks. Mads Hofmann, Louise Thygesen, Kristian Von Hornsleth, Lukas Renlund and Steffan Lund. They all had their own style and production methods.

What did they talk about?

They all talked about different things in their own way. Down here you can read about the five presentations:
Mads Hofmann talked about his characters, of how he likes to mix animals with humans in an urban style. He talked about his studio and about his interests for computer games.

How did that go? 

All of the participants had an amazing time. The settings were perfect, the prices in the bar was reasonable and the presentations were extraordinary. Everyone gave Artboost amazing feedback and was very interested in future Artboost events.

"It has been a very inspiring day. I do actually look at all the artworks in a different way now. I especially liked Steffan Lund’s work, which i didn't really notice before."- Evaluation comment from an anonymous participant 

I wish that I could have been there!

If you didn’t make it to this event, but would have wanted to, just make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram. If an Artboost event is due, you will be the first to know!

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