Camilla Gabriele and her beautiful captures of nature

January 2021

If you are interested in contemporary art, you definitly have to visit the Arken Museum. The permanent collection and the exhibitions are varied and will make you discover new artists.

Arken Museum - A way to escape the reality 

Looking from the outside, the Arken museum is already amazing. The very modern architecture of the property perfectly suits to the inside. It is designed by Søren Robert Lund, and the building is very simple, made of straight lines and of white rough concrete. Moreover, the view on the seaside is ideal to enjoy with a good meal from the café.

Damien Hirst

From the inside, the guest first see a huge room devoted to an exhibition of Damien Hirst's artworks. This contemporary artist is mainly inspired by animals, especially dead animals (Some Comfort Gained From the Acceptance of the Inherent Lies in Everything). This room is impressive and the guests are curious about this more and more famous artist. But this very particular inspiration cannot leave the spectator indifferent; those dead animals may arise different feelings. The anger to see dead animals used for art creation, the curiosity of discovering an animal's anatomy, or a total comprehension of the work.

The current exhibitions are as original as the rest of the museum. It is ideal to discover new contemporary artists, especially Danish ones.

Indeed, the Arken museum will exhibit many artworks, support and promote the creations of artists planning to become famous. Therefore, this museum is particular because the spectator is not only going to see famous artworks, but you’re also going to discover the potential upcoming masterpieces.


Gys! Er den levende?

The exhibition “Gys! Er den levende?” offers clones of human bodies that seems very realistic, and sometimes out of shape. The common point between all these artworks is that you will realizes how possible it is nowadays to reproduce the human body. This exhibition is directly linked with the scientific current discoveries; here the human is represented as a sculpture but in a scientific point of view, the human can be genetically modified as the artist did. You will be faced this reality and be fascinated by this; is it a dream or a nightmare? This will depend on the spectator's interpretation.

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