Continuous line drawing - A new trend?

April 2021
"I remember myself holding a pencil and drawing since I was a child. Drawing whatever triggered my wild imagination. Years went by and my pencil became a brush, a charcoal, a pen. The paper turned to a canvas and painting became a self-discovery journey." 

How would you describe your style? 

Working on old book pages. Making the page my own canvas. A new story covers the old one, fulfilling or maybe changing the meaning. It depends on the viewer and his need to understand why. 

News and stories. Woman jumping out of book pages bringing their own stories abroad in an urban-comic aesthetic. 

What are your sources for inspiration? 

I like the faces I see, how I can work on them. Do they inspire me? Of course they do. Inspiration lies within everything. A waitress in a two century bistro bar in Montmartre. A lady singer in a bridge in Prague. A girl smoking standing against a wall somewhere in East London. Graffiti in East Berlin. The woman standing next to me, the most fulfilling element of my life. Every inspiration is a new journey. Every journey is a new challenge: a challenge I am always willing to take up. 

Why women? Their faces mirroring their emotions almost effortlessly. I capture the moment I want to keep. Do I portray my own likes and beliefs on them? Maybe. A friend noticed that many have blue eyes. She asked me what does it mean. Is it my wife’s blue eyes? The contrast it creates with black? I have to think about it. I’m still discovering myself. 

When I see a photo or something that intrigues me, an image starts flashing in my head. It has a crush effect. It swallows me and defines my moves as the face starts to take shape. 


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How is the creation process for you? 

When I hear a story I’m trying to create an image, a face, a woman’s face at most of the times that suits with the story. Mixing reality and fantasy with a comic aesthetic, I often create a figure on my mind and that’s it.  

Make your own story. That’s my moto. That’s how I see it. That’s how I believe it is. That’s how I want it to be. Make your own story. Working on newspaper pages. Drawing on the ephemeral. Extending the expire date. 

What are your favourite materials to work with? 

It’s mainly ink. Indian and sumi ink on vintage book pages or newspaper pages. Black and white. My favourite is to draw with charcoal, acrylic paints, oil, mixing and exploring. Color is to break black and white. 


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Who is your favourite artist?  

"Affiches lacherees" of post-war Paris of Jacques Villegle has been an inspiration for me and influenced me a lot. I tried to tie street art/urban art to ‘high’ art of them. Contemporary artists like Anna Bocek, Lindsey Kustusch and Hannah Adamszek also influence my work.  

What is the best advice given to you as an artist? 

My tutor was never happy. ‘Do it like that, follow the shades, use your brushes, find the right colors’. It took me many nights. Sleepless. I was trying to find my way through. Night after night. I was not happy. I had to try again. I’m still working on it. It’s a never ending process. Creation and effort. Keep on trying.... Endlessly….


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new crowdfunding campaign: "light through darkness"

Inspired by a photo I found somewhere, the eye of that girl seemed to be so wet that made me believe a blue liquid will start to drop at her face.... "Light through darkness" is made on vintage book pages from an old Italian book I discovered in a bookstore in Athens. The book was published at the beginning of 19th century and the old yellow pages were really suitable for this project.... Well, light can always be revealed even through darkness.... Materials used: Ink on old book pages adhered on cardboard ready to be framed. 

These are the words that Konstantinos Skoeplitis uses to describe his new crowdfunding campaign here on Artboost. You can see the artwork below and go pre-order the piece right here


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