Interview with artist Dean Christie (Deanist)

April 2021

Did you just move in? Or do you just need to refresh your decor? Well, Artboost may help you to find a solution. 

There are some ideas for your interior

I understand, it’s not easy to find the perfect fit for those white walls….
I imagine you’re wondering what you should put above your sofa, your bed or on the corridor that has always been so … empty. Or, what you can find that reflects your personality - yet still affordable? We all want to find the perfect artwork, with a real story behind, not just a nice aesthetic. Actually, art has always been a matter of history and feelings. I am pretty sure we all feel attached to one artist because his work reflects a part of our personal history or because he succeeded in expressing our feelings where we failed.
Artboost may help you to find the perfect one. We all agree that if it is a Dali or a Warhol, it will be difficult to afford it. Don’t worry there are so many other artworks you can feel emotionally involved with. 

We have selected three artworks for you that will give character and uniqueness to your home.

Artwork child artboost

Title: Take a look through my eyes; Natmir Lura

This amazing painting is full of intensity and will adorn any of your rooms.

Natmir performs in figurative painting and he does not stick to a particular style, nor in any category. The heart is the source of his work, which gives him an indescribable joy, a kind of spiritual calmness. Faces and expressions inspire him in particular ways. This also has been applied to his Pop - And Street Art paintings. A unique story is behind each of his paintings. Desire, passion, expression and hope, that's what comes out of his art.

Sweetness artwork

Title: Sweetness; alena Shymchonak

These paints are perfect if you want a colourful and relaxing interior.

“I like the idea of each painting being a journey, ending at a beautiful destination. My paintings are made with lots of colours and textures, bringing out the old with the new.” - Alena


Title: Escape; Tal Paz-Fridman

Energize your walls

“My name is Tal Paz-Fridman, I am a photographer specializing in creative-documentary photography. To paraphrase the description of one of my favorite photographers, Sam Abell, my style of photography is a documentary in the sense that I record the world around me. However, I feel my best work has transcendent qualities, starting at the documentary level yet open to interpretation on an aesthetic level.” - Tal 

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