Making the world a little more colorful with Frida Stiil Vidum

May 2021


It is time to take care of our planet.
Mankind has reached a considerably high level of consumption and nature destruction. With our current pace, the ecosystem is not able to generate enough flora, air, water and wildlife. Resulting consequences are all already known: deforestation, climate change, hydrogeological instability, biodiversity lost, etc.

The Mount Olivella, situated in Southern Italy got partly deforested in 1970, resulting in many hydrogeological instability which still causes floods in the surrounding areas.

BREATH is an environmental-art project designed to fight this deforestation.
With the help of the Spanish artist Escif, they decided to build a nature-generated battery with trees, which illustrates the energy cycle -regenerating itself, following the natural pace of time and Earth, following its own wilderness. The Holm Oak and Maple trees planted will follow the natural seasons, painting the mountain with different shades of colours and foliage.


BREATH project has been designed and curated by Antonio Oriente and Incipit. The latest is a network that through different actions tries to take care of the world, combining beauty, work, passion and culture.

“Art is a way to interact with people and places, the beginning of a path, an incipit which aims to scatter traces, letting them change and imbue themselves with new meanings along the way.”

- Incipit

Escif is an artist from Valencia, Spain. He experiments life through painting murals, shooting videos, doing public interventions, installations and drawings. He shares and gets knowledge through art and tries to get involved environmentally, politically and socially. His minimalistic work evolved throughout time but always tried to engage viewers by making them aware of their surrounding. BREATH was the perfect project for him.

The project timeline started this September, with a low battery slowly charging on the mountain. We expect it to be high-powered by September 2019 and auto-reload itself from September 2020.


If you wish to know more or be a part of this amazing project and adopt a tree, you can click here.

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