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April 2021


Joanna Jensen is a Danish illustrator, Art Historian and watercolor alchemist. Looking at her art is like going into a magical universe, which is why her own description of her style is surreal, dreamy and experimental. 

After reading this interview you can get much more of Joanna’s magical universe at her gallery here on Artboost.


How and when did you get interested in art? 

At the age of 8 I realised that I wanted to paint for a living - creating visual imagery was the only thing I wanted to do, and that hasn’t changed since then. 

How is the creation process for you?

When I start a painting, I like not to make any plans at first - sketches bore me. I prefer to just choose some colors I like and start painting. It is then, in the process, that the abstraction becomes something. That something, I start drawing on top of the abstract watercolor paint, and kind of ‘pull out’ of the paintings, so that everybody else can see what I am seeing.

What are your favourite materials to work with? 

In my young days I only painted with oil colors, but for the last 5 years, I’ve been hopelessly in love with the magic of watercolors, thick colorful watercolors.  


See Joanna's gallery on Artboost here.


What are the best advice given to you as an artist? 

I’m so happy that this has happened 3 times now: I am drawing at a public event, and strangers come by to watch my work. They look at me and say “Don’t ever stop doing that”. A sentence so simple can make me so happy. I do what I love every single day, and feel blessed, but working artisticly for a living is also very difficult sometimes, due to general insecurity about your own skills, very unstable economy, insane working hours - I work 40-70 hours a week, with no vacations or weekends, and so on. You’ve got to be willing to fight for it. And that’s why comments like this really melts my heart.  

Who are your favourite artist? 

Oh boy, there are so many amazing ones. I’m particularly obsessed with Allison Schulnik’s super textured oil paintings - I adore textural paintings, and her raw style and universe is just magic to me. I’m in love with watercolor paintings by fellow illustrators, Holly Exley and Andrea Wan - I think these girls are some of the most talented watercolor painters in the world. I’ve also adored James Jean’s works for years, he is so talented it’s frustrating - in a very good way, but damn that guy can paint.


See Joanna's gallery on Artboost here and find the piece you see below.


What are your sources for inspiration?

Apart from all the favourite artists mentioned above, I’m very inspired by photographers works, actually. Photography can have such an amazing mood, and I think I’m often inspired by these moods. I shoot film photography the oldschool way. I like true grain, and true colors - my digital camera is amazing, but it’s not magic like my 50’s Pentacon Six film camera. Some of my favourite photographers are: Margaret Durow, Palegrain and Vivian Maier.

Do you have any new projects going on?

Yes, I’m super excited about creating the cover art for a new album by the Danish Musician, Son Of Caesar! I’m also working on new packaging designs, city portraits, and some abstract crazy paintings. I hope to create a new solo exhibition in 2018. 


Is Aarhus a good place to work as an artist?

Absolutely, Aarhus has an amazing environment for upcoming artist, and it is a city full of super talented young artists. Godsbanen will provide you with great studios to work at, and the city has lots of galleries and cool art/design shops. I love to visit Grün og Interiørfabrikken to see some of the new local artwork. 

Does Aarhus city affect and inspire you as an artist? 

Aarhus is a magic city to me - in fact, I’m not sure I would be where I am today, if I didn’t move to Aarhus 7 years ago. At 21 I applied for University both in Copenhagen and Aarhus, and I’m so happy I got to Aarhus and got my education here. I met so many amazing people at TANK Artshop – the worlds finest art spot – and felt inspired to believe in my old lifetime dream: Painting! 

Where can i buy joanna's magical artwork?

If you want some of Joanna's magical artwork in your home, you can buy it right here on Artboost. Just go to her gallery to see all of her amazing paintings.

You can see Joanna's gallery on Artboost right here



See Joanna's gallery on Artboost here.  

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