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How to create an Instagram Strategy - Part 4

August 2018

Step 4: Finding your tribe and boost engagement

Now that we have gone through how to create visual content strategy, how to write compelling captions, and how to create a hashtag strategy, we are ready with part four of our Instagram Strategy guide. Finding your tribe and how to boost engagement.

Define your Instagram tribe

Finding your tribe on social media can be quite challenging, but before you can look for your tribe out there, you have to define exactly who your tribe is. The more specific you can make it, the better.

Firstly, you need to identify who is the ideal audience you are trying to attract. Hopefully you have a vision of what kind of people you want to attract (who is your customer). Is it art enthusiast, is it people who loves to watch timelapse of artists painting, etc. If you have a defined person throughout, it’s easier to create content towards that kind of person. For exemple, do they prefer videos or photos, do they want to see the process of creating the art piece or only wants to see the finished product etc. Essentially what you are creating is one or more personas.


Audience engagement

Having thousands of followers on your Instagram profile, may look appealing and make you feel like you have finally made it in the “social media game”, however, if your large following are not liking, commenting or actually buying your product, your followers are then nothing but a number that won’t get you anywhere. The key to Instagram, or any other social media platform is to create engagement from your tribe and followers. Building up your tribe and encourage to engagement on your profile is going to take some time and effort, and you need to understand what triggers your audience to engage with you.

A way to figure out what triggers your followers is to go back and take a good look at your previous post. Try to find the post where you got the most likes and the most comments (it might be two different post), what did you post here, and what did your followers comment? Maybe also find the post with the least amount of likes, what did you post here? Try to see if you can find something in these post that might be the reason for the many or few likes received. Can you recreate your most popular post (without duplicating it?), and how can you avoid the poor performing post?

This is a great exercise in order to perfect your content, and adapting it to your followers.

Interact with your Audience

You can’t create and upload great content to your profile and lean back and wait for your audience to come running and shower you in compliments and comments. You have to roll up your sleeves and hustle.

Get to know your audience on a more personal level, ask for their recommendations and opinions. Be relatable to your audience, and treat them as real people, or better, like your friend. We all like to get noticed and a little bit of extra attention, because it makes us feel special.


Always respond to your comments

We see so many bloggers and businesses getting flooded with great questions from their followers and potential customers. It could be where they could buy a specific item, a question regarding size or color, and they are left completely ignored. Spoiler alert, this is not good for business. No matter what they comment on your picture, respond to them. Say thank you for leaving a sweet comment, provide them with answers to their questions or ask them to send you an email if they need more help or guidance. Just make sure to give them the attention they need.

You can also ask a follow-up question to your comments, this is a great way to get a conversation going, or tell them more about the image/story/story you shared. When your followers see that you respond to other comments, and interact on a more personal level, makes your audience more likely to comment and interact with you. They need to know that they can relate to you and be assured that you actually notice them.

Now remember to be active, comment on other peoples photos, show some love and always always remember to answer all comments you get.

It is a social platform after all.

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