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How to decorate for productivity

May 2018

In creating a lean work environment, have we removed all creativity and inspiration from the work place? In theory it would make sense to make the work space a distraction free zone, however in doing so you may be removing inspiration from the workplace.

Studies have shown that employees are more productive in an office that stimulates them using artwork and plants. A well decorated office can make employees 15% faster and can reduce the number of health complaints.

A happy and stimulated worker will be a productive worker.

We have all felt the effects of a well decorated workspace, and maybe even had the thought “I’d love to work here”. Investing in plants and art for the office is an investment in job satisfaction for the employees, both psychological and physical comfort and overall quality of workspace.

Understandably, large companies and corporations all over the world are investing heavily in their workspaces, and a new industry of art advisors, art consultants and business decorators have emerged around them. These people work closely with the key decision makers, to curate a selection of art installations that shows off the values of the company. However, can we take it a step further?

While a well decorated workspace shows a notable increase in productivity, there’s still one crucial component missing in the equation. Employee empowerment.


Empowered employees are happier and more productive

What makes your ‘home’ feel like home? It’s not just the things we surround ourselves with or how we choose to arrange them. It’s a feeling that is rooted deep into the items we choose to surround ourselves with. A home is something that we create, and if we’re sharing a home, it’s something that we create together. In doing so, we are creating a that feeling of belonging that we as social beings strive toward. But that feeling of belonging does not stop at our doorsteps.

Look around your office right now… You’ll see that no two desks are alike. Every employee is turning their workstation into a personal space. Some have decorated their desks with things that are important to them; others keep stacks of paper, using a file system only they know, in an ordered chaos. While others keep their desks perfectly tidy without any clutter.

Imagine now what would happen if you let these employees co-decorate the entire workspace. The impact it could have on their involvement and organizational identification. What I’m talking about here is ‘An Empowered Office’.

Employee empowerment is an increasing key factor in our modern-day work life. Studies show, that when employees self-decorate their workspace they become 30% more productive compared to working in a lean office. Take a moment to think about that number. Your employees could be 30% more productive. On top of that employees become more involved with the company and show greater autonomy in their positions. Stress levels decrease, and job satisfaction increases dramatically. So how do you get there?

At Artboost we believe that everyone is entitled to their opinion, and with our new B2B offer we embrace that philosophy fully. With our solution we empower all employees to take part in decorating their workspace. We work with artists from all over the world, and handle anything from smaller artwalls to large-scale art projects with commission works.

We don’t just make your 9 to 5 look great – we make it feel great.

If you want to know more, check out or contact Rasmus at

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