More is more – less is a bore with Ruth Crone Foster

April 2021

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Who are you?  

What do you mean? This is a very open question with too many varables and possible answers.



How did you get interested in art? 

Children draw fearlessly, as they wander through their imagination, and at some point, some children stop drawing and others keep on drawing. I am of the kind that kept on drawing. I was most inspired by graphic novels like Kabuki and visiting Galleries like Everard Read when I was in high school.

How would you describe your style? 

Narrative based, with an ink friendship.



What are your sources of inspiration? 

Sequential art, indie and alternative.

How is the creation process for you? 

A conversation, a negotiation, a solution, a problem, a daydream.



What do you do besides being an artist? 

That is all I do, I don't have a side job. I am full time artist.

What are the best advice given to you as an artist?

Forget the politics and other stuff, It's about the art. - Hermann Niebuhr Keep it simple stupid. - Angus Mackinnon. 

Draw it like your eyes can smell it - Diane Victor



To see more from Audrey Anderson, you can find her Artboost gallery here: 

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