Investigating people with artist Anne Philipp

April 2021

The social media version of fundraising 

Crowdfunding is a fundraising concept where a community helps projects and new ideas to succeed. Instead of letting professionals decide if your project is solid, you are letting friends, family and other interested decide. 

Crowdfunding has become possible in recent years thanks to websites that allow nonprofits, artists, musicians and businesses to raise money. This is the new digital and social media version of fundraising. 

Collaborate with your customers 

Your ‘crowd’ is all the people in your own personal and professional network, and they are the most important part of your success. Having a successful crowdfunding provides not only your business with needed cash, but it creates a base of customers who feel as they have a stake in your success. If it wasn’t for the community supporting your project you wouldn’t succeed. 


Crowdfunding platforms 

You will find different kind of online crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter and Artboost Crowdfunding. Kickstarter is a funding platform for creative projects such as film, music, games, design, etc. Here, creative individuals brings their ideas to the table, and by small donations the projects comes to life with the help from the community. 


Art and Crowdfunding 

“One of the main problems for exposing great art is that the art world is difficult to enter”
- Mikkel Steen, CEO Artboost.

“To have success as an artist, you almost always need to have a name, and to get that name, you need exposure,” he says. 

Art Crowdfunding helps upcoming artists with that - helping unknown artists exhibit and expose themselves online. Many artists do not know how to promote themselves and therefore they have difficulties getting exposure. With the help from platforms such as Artboost Crowdfunding artists has the ability to focus on what they are best at - making art. 

“Besides helping and giving economic support, Artboost has made me believe more in my work. To see how my work has been shared among works from other artists, makes me feel so proud and keeps me going. Actually, Artboost Crowdfunding has been the first place where I've offered my art pieces as prints.”
- Marco Castillo 

Artboost Crowdfunding 

Artboost Crowdfunding is a fundraising platform for artists. A crowdfunding campaign runs for approximately 20 days with a given art piece. The original art piece is printed in 30 limited editions in case the campaign succeed. For the campaign to succeed, the artist need around 15 pre-orders, or in other words 15 fundraisers, before Artboost is going to produce, sell and ship the prints to the fundraisers. 

"I have had great exposure on my artwork through Artboost Crowdfunding, and I’ve done 13 different crowdfunding campaigns. In fact, one time, one of my prints was sold out in 36 hours."
- Natmir Lura 

Do you want to apply for an Artboost Crowdfunding campaign? Or do you want to know more about the concept? Read more here.

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