An inspiring interview with artist Lars Christian Kraemmer

August 2018

Art can be perceived as the idea of looking for beauty, and incorporating it in our lives. And what is more present in our lives than our own environment? 

Interior design is the art of creating an adapted environment which is meant to convey a sense of harmony and taste, while reflecting and expressing one’s personality. Indeed, the interior design and the art taste convey many information on one's personality. Although not considered as “art” (strictly speaking), interior design relies on the importance of aesthetic coherence, as well as on the pleasure of the senses. 

Art as a source of inspiration

Therefore, artistic culture and knowledge are necessary in the world of interior design. Art is indeed a significant source of inspiration and a major resource for interior designers. The designers are making a kind of art, adapted for each taste and for each revenue; they are the specialists of the aesthetic and of the interior design and are going to adapt those knowledge to the customer. 

Personalize your environment

Finally, the incorporation of some appropriate artworks in the setting of an interior really ads up a sense of taste to the overall result, and allows to convey messages related to the environment’s purpose apart from simply participating in making the interior more attractive.

Interior design strongly linked with art

It is very interesting nowadays to see that some gallery owners contact interior designers to create an ambiance to highlight their piece of art, at TEFAF in Maastricht for example; the link between those two fields is so important that they both collaborate with each other.

You can find amazing artworks to personalize your environment on our website.

Anders Cederholm

Anders Cederholm

I have a deep passion for art and I have been collecting art for some years now - to be honest, it's a bit addictive :)
I have done all kinds of artistic creations myself, not all succeeded actyaly most didn't. Lately, I have been experienting with a style I call Photo DJ'ing. I mix different photo's to create the expression I'm looking for.

Besides that, I'm a part of the Artboost team - which is my dream job!


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