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February 2019

Illustrator- and self-taught artist, David Zinn, has brightened the streets of Ann Arbor with his street chalk drawings since 1987. 

Over the past years, he has made recognizable characters out of his chalk artworks. Among others he has created the bright green monster called Sluggo and a flying pig named Philomena

David’s street art is improvised on his locations and the artwork is composed of chalk, charcoal, and found objects. 

You can find most of his work on sidewalks in Ann Arbor or elsewhere in Michigan and many of David’s works are available as archival prints

You can follow his daily street chalk adventures on Instagram and Facebook








Christel Hansen

Christel Hansen

My name is Christel, I'm Danish, currently living in Copenhagen. I'm working as the CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) in Artboost, and I'm a creative individual as well.

I like to draw but most of my creativities are digital made in Adobe Creative Suit's programmes.

Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions regarding my prints - or in regards to Artboost in generel :)


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