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May 2021
I never, or very rarely ‘plan’ a painting. The first layer is completely abstract (watercolor). Then while it’s drying I like to look at it for a couple of days, and then it usually turns into something in my imagination – this image I get, I simply draw on top of the dry watercolor, with a black pen.

How did you get interested in art?

As a child I was very fascinated with watching others paint or draw – seeing them create something beautiful was like magic to me. I decided to learn to paint my self, as an 8 year old, and since then it has been my dream to be able to work visually – preferably with painting.

What are your sources of inspiration?

Can be anything – a color I’ve noticed, an interesting face I’ve passed, or simply the mood I’m in.

What are you most proud of in your life?

I like to stay pretty humble about the things that I have accomplished on my way, and even more about the paintings I do, so that’s a difficult question. I generally feel blessed with the opportunities I have been presented with – education, having time to paint in my spare time and so on. But I am proud of how hard I work – I have a very strong desire in my quiet being, to make the time that has been given to me in my life, amazing.



This is her beautiful Illustration “Ny verden” (new world)

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Who are your favourite contemporary artist?

My nr.1 is Allison Schulnik, an American artist who works with oils, and creates very textured paintings. She paints portraits of hobos, mermaids, wild cats, anything that fascinates her, I think. – she is in my opinion the most talented visual artist, alive. I also really like Andrea Wan, Andreas Schulenburg, Joan Cornella, Gudrun Hasle, Ida Thorhauge, Angela Dalinger and John Kenn Mortensen. 

What do you do besides being an artist?

I am actually writing the final chapter of my master thesis in Aesthetics and Culture, so my masters degree is about to be done WUHUU! Besides that I work as a volunteer helper at TANK Artshop – a lovely place you must visit if you are in Aarhus. 

How would you describe your style?

As surrealistic and experimental. I am very driven by exploring opportunities in different materials – especially watercolors as you can see. 

Did you attend art school or are you autodidact? 

I am autodidact. I did go to Holbæk Kunsthøjskole, but since then I have been studying Art History at the university of Aarhus. I did dream of being in art school when I was a teenager, and I applied to the academy of arts, but didn’t get in then. I quickly lost my interest in it, and felt happy to be at the university anyway, and then just painting after school on my own terms. 


To paint part- or full time, and be happy a lot!



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