Meet artist Vladimir Semenskiy

January 2021

I took a crowded bus to Nørrebro in Copenhagen, guided by my good friend ‘Google Maps’. When I arrived at the apartment block, I climbed the stairs to the 4th floor, where the door was already open - it was like stepping into a jungle of art with a pleasant warm atmosphere.

I looked around and one of the first things that met me where Sjulle’s lovely big smile. I quickly noticed her positive energy and her incredible sophisticated way to make me feel at home. There were no doubt that an artistic soul lived here. The apartment was clearly marked by a spiritual consciousness. There were small ceramic ears on the walls in the kitchen - as she said, "the walls is also listening." - I could not wait to learn more about this vibrant and talented artist.

And don't forget to check out her Artboost gallery here:


So tell me a little about you and your interest for art:

My real name is Summer Tuula Schulstad but my art name is Sjulle.

My interest in art started when I was around 19 or 20 years old and I went to a Folk High School. Here I sort of discovered the craft of pottery and painting, and I found it to be so meditative and exciting, it really opened up a whole new world for me.

Do you have a signature style?

I create and paint abstract faces in colorful universes that snores in and out between each other and thus flow into a whole of change. They change the shape and expression according to who is looking at them. The combination of my own transformation and the experience of the viewer is the focal point of the exhibition where the energies melt together.

My interest lies in the fundamental metamorphosis (change, transformation, transformation and transformation) of human mind, being, soul, psyche and physical body throughout. It is a process of transformation we all undergo and in certain periods of one's life, transformation is more external than internal - conversely. Everything is in eternal process, which is deeply rooted in my works. There are several layers and colors, and you kind of get locked into the work. It's not as straightforward, it’s "the operation of changing".



What is your source of inspiration?

I love traveling and experiencing different cultures. It’s really all about enjoying all the sensual experiences that are given free on these magical journeys, from colors, languages, religions, food, to the overall mood or vibe a place can give you.

Do you have any upcoming events, and what advice would you give new artists?

Now I'm working on something for the art scene CPH art space and an exhibition for the Blaa Gallery which will be in April.
I advise anyone who wants to be an artist to simply follow your heart and your deepest intuition. Doing what makes you happy and happy within makes life that much better and gives you new energy.



Her art often takes root in humans and especially the face. Her colorful brushstrokes can sometimes appear chaotic, but still controlled. Sjulle is an individual looking for adventure and she has had an eventful life which created this very inspiring individual and therefore I’m grateful that I had the opportunity to meet her.

To see more from Sjulle, you can find her Artboost gallery here: