Meet the amazing paper artist Yulia Brodskaya

October 2018

Maria Permin just sold a custom ordered beautiful piece of artwork. One of her customer ordered this blue piece with few requirements. The artist had to think about the listed keywords while drawing the custom ordered painting:

Joy of life, warm, party, extravagance, unity, simple living, love, honesty, noisy and colorful

Maria Permin

Now it is finished and the 200 x 150 cm. size painting is now in the hands of a very satisfied buyer. 

When Permin receives a special order she’s quite interested in knowing more about her buyers’ wishes of colours and scene. 

“The more specific they are in their wishes for the art piece, the less misunderstandings there are” - Permin.
Maria Permin

In this painting Permin portrays a loving family that enjoy life - especially the simple life. They love birthdays, parties and they like spending time together. That is also why the small tree house is filled with light chains. 

Maria Permin

Permin is always seeking new challenges and tasks from customers, so if you’re wondering what you should put on your walls at home, then just give her a visit on Artboost.

Kirstine Krogslund

Kirstine Krogslund

Intern at Artboost as Content Creator and also a big fan of art with lots of colors :-)


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