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'Owls with attitude' - interview with MSM

January 2019

Who are you and where are you from?

My name is Mia and I live in Løgstør in northern Jutland.

How would you describe your style?

Illustrative art, I use pencils, watercolors and acrylic.


What was the first piece of art than you can remember inspiring you?

I don’t remember the first piece. Michael Kviums ‘BigFoot’ is as fantastic piece of art. I have it myself, but just as a poster together with a lot of others of his images as posters. There is so much inspiration and stories in these images.

Kviums way of looking at humans as they really are is incredible fascinating, fun and entertaining even. He is a fantastic painter. Besides him there is so many artists both dead and alive that creates inspiring art.

Tell us about the process you go through when making your art.

My paintings always appear in my head, stories, things that look funny. I have always a movie of images running around in my head that I make appear on paper.


If you could be born in another period to make art, what would it be?

In the 70s experimental area. A time where everything was still not created but a lot was created.

Is there a particular piece of art, music or film that inspires you?

Planets of the apes, fantastic movie, the thought that random selection through evolution has made humans the superior species and that the evolutions could have chosen other species is a funny thought.

How has your art evolved over time?

I started out creating digital art because I had an idea for a computer game. I never realized the game, but I kept drawing and more and more without the computer. Today I draw everything by hand first.


What aspirations do you have for your art?

I would like to create art, that people who do not necessarily agree can see, and then realize what needs to change inside themselves to make the world a better place with shared goals.

Tell us why animals feature so heavily in your art?

I have always been very fond of animals, alas, humans are too just an animal. I would like to paint more humans, especially fat men. There are so many different animals and so much to draw and create.

What made you choose Artboost to showcase your art?

I discovered Artboost through Instagram. Before that I had seen other artists use Artboost but I didn’t really know what it was. It has been really good for an unknown artist like me. Artboost looks good and it works very well. Great place for artists like me.


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