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June 2020

Do you want to decorate your home with art, but have no idea of what your taste is or how it works? Do you want to find your own style, and not what everybody else think is amazing? These 5 steps will help you to find your way.

In this article I will give you 5 steps that will help you to get the insight of how to find your own taste in art, and what to think about and consider before buying a piece of art. 

1) What do you want to say with the art in your home?

As you may have heard, art is subjective. There is no right way for art to look, because it depends on the individual taste. But one thing that is essential of finding your own taste in art, is the message that you want to send and what it says about you. You have to be patient and ask yourself; do this piece of art challenge me intellectually? does it inspire me? Is it decorative? And most important of all, what is the purpose of getting this piece of art? is it just because it’s pretty? or does it have a greater meaning? These questions can be helpful for you, to get focused to find your own taste.

2) Do a loooot of research! 

You have to be patient to find the absolute perfect style of art for you and your home. A lot of research can be necessary, which can be done in many different ways today. Like in the old days, there are always the possibility of visiting different art galleries, but you can also browse the internet, e.g. to explore the unique art that Artboost has to offer and to discover different kinds of art in general. What speaks to you? It doesn't have to be paintings, but also sculptures or installations and so on. There are many different kinds of art in the world, which confirms that art is subjective to the individual.

3) Don’t listen to anyone else but yourself!

When deciding what piece of art you want to buy, it is very important that you only listen to yourself, and what you think could be your taste. You are the one who has to live with it, so that is an essential part of finding your own taste in art. When two people are looking at the same piece of art, it is very likely that they see two entirely different things. It depends on their personalities, their feelings and their own general taste and much more.  

4) Look at your taste of interior in your home!

Another important thing to think about when finding your own style, is to compare it with how you decorate your home in genual. Does it go in your home? Some people might decorate their home subconsciously, so that it fits a certain style. But also the chosen room has a lot to say, with the lighting and interiors of what piece of art to choose. So take a look at your home and reflect on which kind of art that could fit in, and where. 

5) Time change, taste can change!

When you have found your style, and taste in art it is time to buy. But when you buy you also have to consider the possibility of you changing your taste over time. Art is always developing, and there are always new kinds of art styles discovered. Just like fashion, there are trends in art as well, and popular artist, that can influence you and your taste and help you discover styles that you didn’t even think existed.