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April 2019

Marisz Konras Kędzierski is a 23 years-old Polish artist without arms. His realistic portraits show that everything is possible - that all the limits are in our hands!

What you can not see in Mariusz’ art is that he was born without arms.

His disability doesn’t mean that he can’t live his own great life, though. He follows his dreams no matter what, as art has been his way of life for 7 years. 

Mariusz’ talent was discovered already when he was 3 years old. He is mostly drawing realistic portraits and his art is sold in different countries, from the USA, Great Britain to South Korea. 

In 2013, he got 2nd prize Best Global Artist Award Vienna. 

He has been travelling around Europe woking on the streets in different European cities. He called this project “Mariusz Draws”.

Mariusz wants to inspire people around him - showing them that all the limits are in our hands.

Check out his facebook or website!












Kirstine Krogslund

Kirstine Krogslund

Intern at Artboost as Content Creator and also a big fan of art with lots of colors :-)


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