Who are you? 

My name is Cecilie Bødker, I am a 27 year-old artist from Copenhagen. I have a degree in photography and art direction from Danish School of Media and Journalism. I also just finished a year at Gladiatorskolen, a creative writing school. I am a former editor of the Danish feminist magazine Friktion. 

There are certain themes in my art, I find myself orbiting around: sexuality, gender, bodies, identity, lust, shame, dreams, hedonism and subcultures. 

You can see Cecilie's amazing photos at her gallery on Artboost or you can check out her new crowdfunding campaign "Visions"

How and when did you get interested in art?

I am one of those kids who just never stopped drawing, when others did. And I eventually explored other ways of expressing myself through art. 

I started taking photos in my teens. Growing up with the Internet, I spend hours clicking around on social media pages and creative online galleries. I was so fascinated by people around the world who were very creative taking self-portraits and I immediately turned my camera inwards as well. I was more fascinated by finding out who I was, than the world, as I often found the world to be a rather scary place. Later on I found a way to use photography as a way to reflect on some of those things I felt overwhelmed by. 

My mother has always been my biggest supporter in my creative pursuit. She is herself an artist, but chose to work with art on a hobby-basis, and pursue another career. I remember being very young, deciding that I wanted my life to revolve around art. 


You can see Cecilie's gallery on Artboost here.


What do you do besides being an artist?

Most of my life is about exploring, learning, unlearning, creating, connecting and keeping myself afloat in the meantime. I get paid for making sure people doesn't drown, I teach yoga, I sell other people's books, I rent out my apartment and collapse on other peoples couches. I enjoy dancing around alone in my room and pulsing togehter with crowds of bodies at concerts. I do workshops about feminism and art. I also stare a lot into screens and walls and other people's eyes. 

How would you describe your style? 

The prints I have on Artboost, is some of my more sensual an poetic images. I like when an image makes me want to dance or follow the lines with my fingers or lich the colours with my tongue. Or be attracted and a little repulsed at the same time. 

Some of my other work displayed on my website Ceciliebodker.com, is more political. I realised at some point, that I can reach and touch people, with the things I create; I want to be conscious that it is a power, and conscious on how I use it. I want to use it to shed lights on subjects that are important. Gender equality and LGBT rights, are some of the things I care for. 


You can see Cecilie's gallery on Artboost here.


What are your sources for inspiration?

I often draw inspiration from what I've experienced on my own body. Experiences of shame or pleasure. I want to be able to transform all my experiences into something valuable, and to create something highly personal and universal. 

I am naturally drawn to everything sensual. How it feels to move, and how it feels to be touched. I am fascinated by contrasts. Hardness and softness, everything loud and quiet, the vulnerable and the strong, the beautiful and the grotesque, being caged and being free. 

How is the creation process for you?  

My mind is always working. I try to have something close to write and sketch in, so the idea doesn't disappear. I often draw my images before I photograph. Sometimes it is a very thought-out concept. Sometimes I just have a spontaneous idea, I put my camera on a tripod and put myself in front of it, and see how it unfolds. 

When I work with others, we discuss the creative process in details beforehand. It is important for me to have others involved, not just as objects to be photographed by me. I love the process of choosing the right pictures to tell a story, and I love the editing process. I have some people which opinion I trust that also help me in this process. I have a hard time waiting to show my work - I just want it out in the world, and see how people react to it! 


You can see Cecilie's gallery on Artboost here.  


What are your favourite mediums to work with?

My main medium is photography, but I also write, draw and paint. I've dapped into the art of film as well. Being creative for me is an outlet for feelings and opinions, and it depends on the specific story on which medium I will use. For some reason I always thought that I had to choose one thing to be, or one thing to be really good at, but I rather do everything I feel like, and not limit myself. 

What is the best advice given to you as an artist?

As an artist you often struggle with that little voice in your head that says that what you do, isn't good enough. It helped me, when I was given the advice, that the artist's job is to create, and it is up to others how to judge it.  

Also, there is a quote from Anais Nin, one of my favourite writers, that always is at the back of my mind: "If you do not breathe through writing, if you do not cry out in writing, or sing in writing, then don't write, because our culture has no use for it." Which can also be translated into other art forms. 


You can see Cecilie's gallery on Artboost here.


What are you most proud of in your life? 

A few years back, I made a project together with Emma Holten, called "CONSENT - A new story about my body". It was a radical project telling a new story about her body after she experienced severe digital harassment, mostly known as revenge porn. It consisted of photographs I took of Emma, and an article she wrote. The project went viral all over the world and has contributed to the debate on revenge porn and victim's lack of rights in legislation. 

I am in general proud, that I keep following my dreams, even though it is not an easy path. And at the same time, I don't compromise with my idealism. 

I guess you are either highly idealistic or a little crazy to be an artist in times of economic crises and politicans cutting down on culture and welfare so rich people can get discount on big cars, and to be a feminist when an orange man saying "grab them by the pussy" is the most powerful human in the western culture. I am both. And I am proud of that. 

New crowdfunding campaign 

Right now Cecilie Bødker is having a crowdfunding campaign on Artboost. The artwoork is called "Visions" and her description is: "Have visions. Dreamstate after dreamstate. Everything ecstatic. Sleepwalking. Am I ever fully awake? The eternal layers in me."

You can see the artwork below and buy Cecilie's crowdfunding campaign on Artboost here. 


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