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How do you draw happiness?

September 2018

In September 2018, Valcon celebrated its new Danish location in the heart of Copenhagen. They wanted to have something truly unique and inspiring in the office, and so Artboost stepped in and invited Danish artist ‘Mormor’ to artify the walls of the new space. But how do you draw happiness?

Over the course of three days, Mormor worked with Valcon employees on creating a deeply personalized mural depicting employee happiness and well-being which are cornerstones for the company, at their new office. Valcon employees were included in the whole process from choosing colors to generating ideas on what the mural should include, thus creating a deeper connection between the employees and the values the artworks depict.


“It’s has been a pleasure being at Valcon for 3 days, chatting with a lot of really sweet employees, they were all interested in my process and some of them even came with inputs as to what I should draw.” – Mormor

Having art in your workspace has shown a positive effect on productivity and overall work satisfaction, and when used interactively as Valcon did it. The art work was used for both an event, company-wide collaboration and will now serve as a conversation piece for years to come, introducing new employees and clients to the core values of Valcon.


"It’s has been a great experience. We have received so much positive feedback both form employees and clients." – Birgitte Dahl Skaaning, Marketing & Communications at Valcon

If you want to learn more about what Artboost can do for your workspace, then feel free to reach out. We’re working with an ever-growing pool of amazingly talented artists each with their unique style.


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