Artists Marco Castillo and Flores Soláno are working on a new project. Thanks to a post on Facebook, the two Venezuelan artists met and discovered that both of them had an Artstarter campaign; this was the opportunity for them to begin a collaboration. Marco Castillo invited Flores Soláno to collaborate on his mural project in Buenos Aires. We asked them some questions about this new creation, named La Musa de Bosques. 

How did you meet ? 

Marco Castillo: I've been following his work through Social Media for a couple of years now, and when I saw that both of us shared an Artstarter post and that we both had an Artstarter campaign, I thought that it could lead to a good connection, so I added him on Facebook. A few days later I found out that he was moving to Buenos Aires, Argentina; so the idea of including him to the mural immediately came to my mind .
Flóres Soláno: Social Media is a significant power in the development of our lives. Through it, two individuals who didn't knew each other can establish links from one moment to the other, which will guarantee a true lasting alliance based on common goals. I immediately realized he was a very talented ally, with whom I could learn new techniques and with whom I could communicate effectively. This way we met each other, thanks to social media immediacy. 

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