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Why I chose Artboost

November 2018

"Artists are people driven by the tension between the desire to communicate and the desire to hide."
D.W. Winnicott

I really like this quote. It triggers something in me mainly because I recognize myself in it.

I have the desire to communicate and the desire to hide. I am both introvert and extrovert. We all are to some degree. But the introvert part in me is the strongest. It’s the part that wants to “hide”. The part that wants to create and immerse into colors, composition, creative energy, and nonverbal conversations. I know a lot of artists with similar personalities. A lot!


And if you want to live off of your art, I have learned that it is not the introvert artists who sell the most artworks. On their own that is. Simply because introverts are non-shouting people, who love the company of very few but close friends. Their main task is not to tell everybody about the great art they create, fueled by the energy from others out there in the multitasking, high-pitch networking business.

So what to do? I realized that I had to turn up the extrovert side in me. Not change myself. Just turn up that side!

You cannot hide as an artist or live the dream scenario where you wake up in your studio, paint all day long while your paintings sell without you doing anything. VERY few artists are able to live that way. Good for them, but then there is me and a bunch of other artists who has to run faster and longer to reach their goal.

If I as an artist want to live of my art I have to get out there. Out showing myself. On social media, out networking etc. To create a business this is basic knowledge and it applies to artists as well. That is basically the reason why I created a profile on Artboost. As simple as that.

Long story short. Artboost is a mix between being an art gallery and an art agency. Online.

Once you are set up as a user, it is up to you to create the content that you think make people look your way. One thing is certain. You are out there! On your way and about to reach a wider crowd.


And yes. Artboost is a business so of course there will be money involved. When you sell your art they take a low commission of 15%. You either like that and want to join or you don’t and move on. How you choose to run your art business is entirely up to you. On the other hand, I think it's important to tell that the crew behind Artboost are passionate about sharing art with the world. All art and for everyone.

One of the quotes they use to promote their concept shows this point very clearly:

Dear curator.
Who the f*ck are you to say.
Art is for everyone.

Artboost has hands-on contact with buyers and can help you establish a connection between you and potential customers. I recommend that you look around their site. There you will find that the Artboost team has a lot of experience and know-how about what it takes to sell mine, yours, and our art. On the site, you will find a lot of great articles, features, and great knowledge about what to do to get out there and how you can optimize your business.

Artboost is at the forefront of what is happening on the art scene and of course, they are interested in making a business. And after all, that is exactly what I am all about.

To fulfill my dream of waking up in my studio and paint all day I have to get involved with Artboost.

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