A photo exhibition without photograph

April 2021

We all faced this situation during an exhibiton, standing up in front of a paint thinking “Oh I like it but… what does it mean? For those who never studied art, this world can be intimidating.
Get used to Contemporary art
It gives meaning to an artwork when you know what styles and movements inspired the artist.

Artboost may help you understanding or discovering the Contemporary art.

First and foremost, Contemporary art appeared in the 50s and gave an end to the avant-gardism. It brings news paint technics and includes multimedia in art. It rejected established expectations about art's aesthetic qualities and need for originality.

There is so many things to say about it that we chose to talk about the most famous movements.

Pop art (1950-1960)
This movement marks the beginning of Contemporary art. It emerged in Great Britain and then appeared in the US. It revealed some of the most famous contemporary artists such as Warhol and Lichtenstein. Pop style uses daily life objects and images that anyone recognized from advertisement and it paved the way for later artists to explore  the conceptual nature of art, its form, its production, and its ability to communicate in different ways.



Feminism (late 60s to late 80s)

Its aim is to produce art pieces that reflect the lives and feelings of Women. “Women's art” in this  period focused primarily on subverting gender roles and including body centric and craft- related work in order to reclaim what it meant to be a Woman.



Postmodernism (50s to late 90s)

This may be one of the most important movements. The main idea here is to break away from the meaning of the artwork and encourage the viewer to have its own perspective of it. In this way, there is not only one interpretation but many.

In the late 80s, artists raised the quotidian to an art, just as Koons did with his giant shiny steel sculptures of animals or flower bouquets.



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