A photo exhibition without photograph

September 2019


Most of the time I know what my paintings will look like before I begin, but on other times I also embrace the freedom to change courses many times along the way


How did you get interested in art?

I feel weird by saying that I have always been interested in art. I've been into art for as far back as I can remember, having no idea why.  I've always closely studied everything with my eyes, the forms, shapes, details, I had something of a photographic memory... or rather I could almost immediately memorize anything I had seen. This, combined with an obsessive curiosity resulted in endless hours of school overtaken with my art while others kept on following classes... and so I spent all my time drawing in my sketchbooks, notebooks, etc... 

What are you most proud of in your life?

First, I'd say that the feeling I am about to share with you is not necessarily pride. I consider the word "pride" much big of a word, embodying some kind of a cold trait, implying the feeling is over and done, leaving no space to grow. I would rather choose "pleased" instead. Pleased that I have reached a level where I can see a fellow human for whom she/he is stripped off the common etiquettes, where origin, religion or social status no longer set the rules for me.

I like to experiment a lot. And I like to do that without having to limit my brush strokes and feelings. 

This is his acryllic painting on canvas “Music Forever”

2130 USD (15.000DKK)
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What are your sources of inspiration?

The source of my creativity is fueled by many different elements and situations such as photo, song, movie, personal transformation, poetry..
Moreover, I find my deepest well of inspiration in the *process* of creation itself. 

How would you describe your style?

It is not easy for me to mark and define my style. I like to experiment a lot. And I like to do that without having to limit my brush strokes and feelings. 



Did you attend art school or are you autodidact?

I’ve studied at the art academy in the late 90s, in my home country Macedonia.. 

Who are your favourite contemporary artist?

There isn't a particular name. There are so many brilliant artists out there, that I follow, but it's not their signature I see first, my attention is mainly after the pieces themselves, particularly those worthy to reflect upon. One of the last pieces that have blown me away, however, was at my son's kindergarten, two years ago, made by one of the children there!! That image is still-hunting me... 

What are your personal hopes and dreams?

My dream is to have more time for my art and make a living from it.
I imagine a space where can I get lost into my large canvases, where linear time does not apply, no alarm clocks at that.
Just the sound of music and the smell of colors.

My dream is to have more time for my art and make a living from it.  

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