About the artist

Alex Senna is an artist from Sao Paulo. He has been passionate by drawings and comics since his childhood, and share his passion by making amazing drawings and embellishing streets and walls in different countries (Brazil, Denmark, England, Italy, and more). His work is very distinct and easy to recognize because of the artist's originality.

When did you begin to work as an artist ?

I have spent a lot of my life drawing, I was already drawing when I was a kid, but I guess I became an artist when I quit my job and it was a tough decision.

Who is your favorite artist/inspiration ?

I'm very influenced by the music I listen to, by people and their problems, as well as movies and comics. I have a bunch of people that I admire like Ziraldo, Walt Disney, Will Eisner, Osgemeos, Twist, Seth, Uderzo, Moebius, Nássara and so many others, the list is big. 

Where DID the idea of painting walls come from?

I have always admired how grafitti could get bigger spaces in the city, I got attracted to it. Tried once, never stopped. 

What does the little bird we see on all the painting significate?

It's the reflex of the character, a living consciousness. each character has its own. 

Painting walls is your «speciality», but do you have other ways of expresing your art ?

Besides painting, I do sing very well at karaoke! 

What feelings do you want to rise in people's mind when they SEE your work in the street ?

I don't know, maybe activate something in their memory. 

What are your artistic projects for the future?

I'm currently in Italy travelling and painting, I have a show in Turin in June and in September I'm going to the USA for another exhibition. 

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