"1st Class" installation by Xu Bing

October 2018

Don't miss out a day-trip to Wynwood, if you're planning a trip to Miami, Florida. I will assure you, that you'll be amazed like me!

If you’re ever planning a trip to Miami, Florida, you will not miss out the most incredible neighborhood, Wynwood! Bring your best shoes and a camera, cause you will spend, at least, a day discovering the environment of the amazing Wynwood district!

I took a trip to Wynwood myself this winter, and I will recommend everyone to go there!



Art and fashion are major elements of Wynwood. In fact, you will find two different sub-districts inside Wynwood - the Wynwood Art District and the Wynwood Fashion District.

Urban art covers up the streets inside Wynwood, and I’m sure you will be positively surprised by the overwhelming Wynwood Walls. 

The Wynwood Walls are created by 30 artists who have traveled from around the world. This work also led to an increase in other streets art in the surrounding area. 

Every second Saturday night, it is “ArtWalk” in Wynwood. This means that all the art galleries and studios open up their doors for public viewing. 


Wynwood adds life, colors and presence to lifeless buildings in the neighborhood. Today, you will find more than 70 galleries and museums, dozens of new restaurants and bars, and hundreds of companies, creators, and innovators working in a place that just feels alive!










Anders Cederholm

Anders Cederholm

I have a deep passion for art and I have been collecting art for some years now - to be honest, it's a bit addictive :)
I have done all kinds of artistic creations myself, not all succeeded actyaly most didn't. Lately, I have been experienting with a style I call Photo DJ'ing. I mix different photo's to create the expression I'm looking for.

Besides that, I'm a part of the Artboost team - which is my dream job!


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