"1st Class" installation by Xu Bing

September 2020

4 years ago when they met, they were 20 and 23 years old. Alina found her entrepreneur in a library where she worked at that time. Alina looked at him from a corner inside the library where she hang out and did her homework for her economy studies. At one point she got the courage to approach him. It turned out to be a short encounter. She had drawn a deer with an arrow and a text saying “you”. He only managed to quickly see the drawing before she had disappeared without a word. 

Fortunately her e-mail was on the back of the drawing. Soon they became a couple. Alina is from Latvia and traveled in 2012 to Denmark to study. Therefore they had to communicate in broken English the first few years of their relationship. But it all went very well. 


In 2015, they became parents and in December the same year, they started the company ARTInn together. At that time, it was thought as an advertising agency, today it is a small company where they can live out their creativities together. 

“It is so important to follow your dreams in a world where focus is on results and numbers and although the dream is small it doesn’t mean it can’t be priced so that you can live it. This has also been understood by Artboost and that is why we have chosen to have our webshop here!”
- Alina Milisunaite 

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