Art and business
— a match made
in heaven

“A bright creative workspace makes employees more productive, lower stress and increase wellbeing.”

Forbes + University of Exeter

“Art enables you to showcase your brand story in a different way and create branded experiences at your office.”

EY + Danish Industry Association

“Original and limited edition art is a great investment, that is exempt from taxation, no matter whether it’s paintings or murals.”



Pick one of our pre—defined limited edition art walls.

Co-decorate your own office with one of our experienced art advisors

Commissioned artwork and art installations tailored to your brand.

0% hassle,
100% art

It’s easy. we’ll take care of everything. The only thing you have to do is finding out what type of artworks you like.

Global network
of artists

We’ll provide access to more than 15.000 artworks by 3.000 independent artists worldwide.

A unique

Through our AI-driven solutions and own expertise, we’re able to match you with art that seduces, surprises or matches your needs.

The benefits
of art at
the office

Having art at the office doesn’t only make your office stand out. It boosts innovation, drives creativity and makes people happy.

Our artists have decorated the walls of

Google logo
Netflix logo
Redbull logo
Singularity university logo
Designit logo
Viasat logo
Novozymes logo
Visitdenmark logo

[...] and many more – are your business next?

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The artworld is broken
– we're fixing it!

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