Aarhus based company Shouter is a young company with a lot of ambition and a strong brand. They wanted to add more atmosphere to their office space, and with such a cool brand we immediately knew that we had to go big.

Bespoke mural at Shouter's office Bespoke mural at Shouter's office

Making a brand pop

Working with Shouter’s brand color and graphic elements we created a bold wall that really embodies their brand.

“We had the great pleasure of working with Artboost in our pursuit of the perfect wall decoration. We knew that we wanted to add action and atmosphere in our office surroundings but quickly realised that we needed to work with a professional company in order to bring our vision to life. Artboost stepped in and quickly presented us with a lot of ideas and we were sold immediately. Thanks a million to both artists, Iris Bakker and Artboost for the splendid result.”

- Adam Lyhne - Founder of Shouter

Iris Bakker painting the new Shouter mural Iris Bakker painting the new Shouter mural

Make time matter

Shouter is a fastmoving company. With their free service-app they connect do'ers with users who have teduious tasks that need solving. We wanted to help Shouter outfit their office with the same speed and commitment they deliver through their service, and so we teamed up with Iris Bakker to create the wall. Iris was given the final brief and created the whole wall in a matter of mere hours. From start to finish, the whole project was solved within two weeks, and Shouter can now show off their brand new mural at their Aarhus office.

Iris Bakker painting in details at Shouter's office Iris Bakker painting in details at Shouter's office

Having spent a lot of time developing their brand and merchandise, Shouter found that their office was lacking the same flair and 'umph' that they had put into every other aspect of the business. We were happy to help them out, and love the bold look of the new office mural.

The finished bespoke mural at with text shout The finished bespoke mural at with text shout

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