Céline Marcoz

Céline Marcoz

Coublevie, France

I am a french artist who is passionate about Art Deco, arts and crafts, paintings of animals, sculpture, ceramic, history of art... I am also a collector and a true admirer of talented people. The artistic creation has always been important in my life but after my doctorate of sociology, I felt the need to create my own artistic universe. Painting is, for me, a necessity where I find my equilibrium and an infinite pleasure; each painting is like a new story. When I paint, I let my imagination to take the power. I think that a good day is a day where I paint or draw. The color and the brightness are essential in my work but I find my inspiration in the beauty and the mystery of nature. I try to retranscribe all these wonders and this poetry in my art even if I like losing myself in abstract landscapes. It is my wish to keep forever my curiosity and my enthusiasm CM

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