Charlotte Luxhøj

Charlotte Luxhøj

Sundbyberg, Sweden

Hi there,

Since I was a teenager I've always harbored a secret dream about being a creative. An artist.

But I always had a very tough inner critic. (Fun fact: alongside creating my art, I coach other creatives, healers & visionaries on how to handle this tricky and very misunderstood"entity").

And it was one that held me back - for many, many years - from actually starting.

Mix that with a pinch of perfectionism - and you have a deadly cocktail.

One that kills a lot of creativity.

For what is art - and creativity - if not allowing yourself to have fun? To make mistakes? To learn along the way? To me that is art. It'

So, really what I'm doing with my artworks:

Being a beginner.

Having an adventure.

Discovering what is there for me to find.

Surrendering to something bigger than me.


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