Cosimo Malorgio

Cosimo Malorgio

Torino, Italy

Light, root cause and ultimate goal.
As a child I looked at it dancing through the rain, or mercilessly shine at southern Italy countryside.
Light creates and subtracts, you can't capture it, you perceive it.
For the most part, throughout its illusion, painting is light.
Just like the renaissance masters, or even in a simple "2.0" portrait, the charm of each subject is what I look for.
By creating a silent colored canvas, with painting I try to give light and beauty. I'm not always sure to deliver, but I'm constantly trying.
My subjects can be variegated, even contradictory, but I do my best to communicate the harmony of light in the silence of the moment.
I love all painting, but especially those of the late 500s.
Caravaggio and the Caravaggists have created a unique way of representing the reality of light: raw, violent, sensual and light.
My modest purpose is to revive the suggestions of the sixteenth-century realism of the Caravaggists, I love to remake in version 2.0

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