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Crowdfunding for art

Buy limited edition art from selected international artists

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Your once in a lifetime opportunity!

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A crowdfunding campaign will only be available once in the history of mankind.
Act now if you find something you love!

Start your collection today

Buying signed editions is a great way to start your art collection.
Unlike mass-produced posters, editions are limited artworks of unquestionable quality.
Just select a budget to get started!

How does the crowdfunding for art work?

1. Find

Explore the art campaigns and select the perfect piece for your wall. Campaigns come in all sizes, price-ranges and styles.

2. Support

Secure your limited edition piece by pre-ordering it. Just put in your information and wait. No money will be charged unless the campaign is produced.

3. Receive

If the campaign reaches it's goal within the timeframe you'll receive awesomeness for your walls shortly!

Support the artist and art you love

We strive to give as much as possible of the proceeds to the artist and to enable you to get amazing limited edition art within your budget.
That's the Artboost promise!