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What is an Artboost Crowdfunding campaign?

An Artboost Crowdfunding campaign is type of crowdfunding that enables artists to produce a run of limited edition, high quality prints for a single artwork. All types of art are considered for campaigns, including paintings, street art, murals, sculptures, photography and more.
The goal of each Artboost Crowdfunding campaign is to reach a certain number of pre-orders for a piece, so that the production/print run is guaranteed. If the campaign does not reach the required number of pre-orders, it will be canceled and the customers who pre-ordered will not be charged. As an artist, if your campaign receives the number of pre-orders necessary to go to print, we will produce and distribute the work for you; all you have to do is to make great art, while we take care of the rest!

1. ApplyFor a crowdfunding

2. PromoteA campaign in order to
receive enough pre-orders.

3. ReceiveThe profit from the

Reviews from other artists

I have had great exposure on my artwork through Artboost Crowdfunding, and I’ve done 13 different crowdfunding campaigns. In fact, one time, one of my prints was sold out in 36 hours.Natmir Lura
Besides helping and giving economic support, Artboost has made me believe more in my work. To see how my work has been shared among works from other artists, makes me feel so proud and keeps me going. Actually, Artboost Crowdfunding has been the first place where I've offered my art pieces as prints.Marco Castillo
Artboost Crowdfunding is an art marketing platform adapted to modern times, where frontier barriers can easily be overcome by the use of internet. Artboost Crowdfunding has given me the opportunity to make myself known as an artist in far away European countries, helping me to make a wish come true: The internationalization of my work.Flóres Soláno
I'm crazy about Artboost Crowdfunding and the people behind it. My artwork have been selling really well and I have been treated in a kind and professional way. I hope all the best for the team. It could be really cool if Artboost Crowdfunding would enter the international scene. Personally, I lack a serious global platform where I can sell my art. And then it's a great bonus that it's a Danish startup project - well done guys!Martin Pop

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