Bags n Bears - Don't hide

by Mads Hofmann

29.7 x 42 cm|Limited edition 30 pcs.

"The idea for the series is a call for us to dare to be ourselves, not an edited screen version that gets lots of likes on social media. I have tried to create a story for each painting, but it is up to the observer what the story entails and who is hiding behind the bag / teddy bear. " - Mads Hofmann


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Shipped with love from Denmark
Mads Hofmann

Mads Hofmann

I am a self-taught artist, and as long as I can remember I have been drawing and painting. It was and still is my window for letting some steam out. I try to paint my reflections and thoughts. I always try to paint stories, stories about existentialism and identity. The ideas to my paintings spring from the society that surrounds me: people, culture, politics, music, philosophy etc.. I try to capture feelings, emotions and a certain vibe in my paintings, and I work a lot with the expressions of the figures to catch this certain vibe and emotion. You could call my art visual storytelling with an urban touch, stories about life but seen through my glasses. I think it separates itself from other art forms, because in the paintings the audience can recognize something in themselves that makes them reflect ( I hope ) and at the same time they get a peek into to my thoughts, which I hope maybe can create new sides to their own stories. My style of painting is inspired by street art, urban

Exclusive limited edition

Only 30 pieces will ever be made. When it's sold out it will be gone forever.

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