Art by Katja Wennergren

Art by Katja Wennergren

Vanløse, Denmark

THE COLOERS OF MY LIFE - art by Katja Wennergren.

Sometimes you can look at a picture every day for a hole year and still can’t remember it, when asked about it.... And sometimes only a glimpse of a picture is enough for you to keep it in mind for the rest of you life! That’s how my mind create the pictures I want to express my self trough - suddenly they appear in a split of a second or come to me in the middle of the night in a dream.

And dreams do come true if you want them to - just be observant - and follow them! That is what I do and that is what runs from my mind into my arms and further into the brush and up on the canvas. The colors of my life - the vision of a painting coming to live in front of me by focus on the beautiful and intens process of creating the bigger picture. I hope you like it....

With Love


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