Diana Pacelli

Diana Pacelli

Berlin, Germany

Born in Naples, Italy, since almost ten years I live in Berlin. My academic background (BA and MA) in Humanities has strongly influenced my artistic research with topics and approaches. I have taken part to a number of exhibitions and residencies in Germany and abroad and in 2019 I’m starting a second Master of Fine Art at the Bauhaus Weimar.

I understand reality as a social construction with which we interact thanks to the symbolization of its parts.
Art represents for me a way to question this reality, in first place as an individual. I use myself as an experimentation field, to analyse some of the most weighty symbols and representations that shape my identity, I try to deconstruct them in simple elements and then I create objects with them.
Photography is a metaphorical representation of the steady, yet unconscious, mediation exercise between world and interpretation.

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