Black & White

Colours help our eyes determine detail. Sometimes, however, multiple colours can disguise details that we do not naturally see. Lines, textures, contrasts, and tones are dramatically brought to the fore in monochromatic images. Colours can cheat the eye but black never can. Black has commonly been linked to negativity and lugubrious atmosphere whereas white tend to always denote happiness, life and progress. If we look further into the psychological significance of black, it is linked with mystery, with death which is unknowable and night which is full of hidden things—of fear and magic. But there is way more in black than what we’ve been taught. Black will be lugubrious or bright and elegant depending on its context and form. When juxtaposed, black and white turn more vivid. They act in as complementary colours and together lend dignity and elegance. In some countries black has been employed extensively in architecture and interior design, the colour pattern of the Japanese house for example is based on the contrasting use of dark and light materials. Dark wood often delineates the basic structure of the house and separates it aesthetically from the light coloured walls and floors. The tendency of black and white to brighten and enliven other colours often makes any colour used more articulate than when it is employed alone or combined with other primary or secondary colours. Therefore adding a piece of Black and White art piece would lighten and brighten your interior when combined with a touch of colour.

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