Paulo Vilarinho

Paulo Vilarinho

Aveiro, Portugal

Paulo Vilarinho aka Vila, born in 1972.

Visual Artist from Portugal

"Vila show us a singular mixture between order, beauty and chaos... deeply inspired by Movements like Pop Art, Street Art, Surrealism and Abstract Expressionism.
The viewer is subtly invited into each process and decode all the available information."

2001 Aveiro´s National Painting Award "Artistas à solta" - "Loose Artists" ...Sponsored by Forum Aveiro/ Papelave & Sacramento Art Gallery
Won the 1ºPrize

2002 Aveiro's National Art Prize "Jovem Criador"="Young Creative"- Photography Award
Won an Honourable Mention.

Represented in multiple Art Collections from... Portugal, France, Germany, Canada, United States and United Kingdom.

Limited edition49 x 54 cm
Limited edition64 x 49 cm
Limited edition34 x 39 cm
Limited edition44 x 44 cm
Limited edition64 x 64 cm
Limited edition49 x 64 cm
Limited edition44 x 54 cm
Limited edition22 x 27 cm

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