Alexander Chrystopher Harrington

Alexander Chrystopher Harrington

Århus, Denmark

The official "Head of Artificial Intelligence" at

This means that I am responsible for generating recommendations for all of artboosts users. For example, on artboost, you may see "similar artpieces" when viewing an artpiece, built with some of the latest forms of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques from Youtube, Google, Facebook, Netflix, Spotify and Uber. As time progresses, our system will become better and better, learning from users and visitors alike.

The complexity of art is that two artpieces may look very similary at face value, yet mean very different things to us or make us feel completely separate feelings, making us love one more than the other, regardless of price, size, country or region.

At artboost, it is my goal to examine, understand and harness these complexities to serve our users the absolute best artpieces for their taste and helping artists by highlighting art to inspire them, benefitting both artists and artlovers.

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